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Hayling Anglican Churches

St Andrew's, St Mary's, St Peter's



St Peter's Churchyard

Burials have taken place in this churchyard for centuries.  Records of the graves in the churchyard have been kept for less time and not all memorial stones have survived.


A thorough survey of the churchyard was undertaken in 2004 by NADFAS and a record of all memorial stones identifiable at that time was made.  It was updated in 2009 with memorials placed since 2004.  Names and location are recorded in this document together with any other information recoverable from the memorials.




1. You can download this spreadsheet of graves ordered by surname and look up the name in it.

2. Note the sector and number of the memorial.

3. Go to this page containing diagrams which show each sector and find the sector and number. The diagrams are in jpg format and you can download and print them off if you wish.

4. Orientate yourself to North (the church lies East-West so North is towards the car park).

5. Go to the grave – you may have to count columns and rows to get to the right place.


There is also a spreadsheet of graves by location which you can download here.


Please enjoy the churchyard and its peace and quiet. It is maintained by volunteers, who seek to make it a pleasant  place.  If you enjoyed it, a small donation into the wall safe would be appreciated and help to allay the costs of mowing, bulbs, plants and general maintenance.


May the peace of the Lord be always with you.

St Peter's Churchyard Regulations


In this schedule the following terms shall have the following meanings:

“Parish” shall mean the Parish of St Peter, North Hayling.

“Churchyard” shall mean the whole of the churchyard at St Peter’s, North Hayling.

“Burial” shall refer to the burial of uncremated remains in coffins.

“Interment” shall refer to the burial of cremated remains.

“P.C.C.”  shall mean the Parochial Church Council of the Parish.

“Incumbent” shall mean the Vicar for the time being of the Church of St Peter, North Hayling, or, during any period of interregnum, the Churchwardens of the Parish.

“Family grave” shall mean a grave-space in which a member or members of a particular family have been buried.


2. General

2.1: Right of Burial: Parishioners of and all persons dying within the Parish together with all persons on the electoral roll of St. Andrew’s Church, Eastoke at the date of the death, and their immediate family shall have the right of burial or interment in the Churchyard (provided that it is still open for burial or interment) subject to these regulations.

2.2: There is no automatic right to burial or interment in any particular part of the Churchyard, but consideration will be given to burial or interment in a family grave. Every grave-space being by law the property of the Incumbent the expression “family grave” shall not confer or imply any right or title of ownership or proprietorship of any grave-space upon any other person whomsoever.

2.3: Permission for the burial or interment in the Churchyard of those not included in Clause 2.1 hereof may be granted by the Incumbent with the consent of the P.C.C., which may by resolution authorise the Incumbent to grant such permission at his or her discretion.


3. Burials

3.1: Memorial headstones may only be erected with and after the consent of the Incumbent, and after the payment of the statutory fees.

3.2: Headstones shall be upright. They shall be rectangular, made of Nabrasina or Portland stone and shall not exceed 3’ in height or 2’ in width. Headstones may be inscribed or plain, but any inscription must receive the prior written approval of the Incumbent. Headstones may contain a provision at the base for a single vase of flowers and shall be placed in straight lines.

3.3: Where cremated remains have been interred in a family grave, an inscription may be added to an existing headstone subject to the Incumbent’s prior written approval, but no additional memorial shall be permitted.

3.4: Apart from one upright headstone as aforesaid there shall be no other memorial, nor any kerbstones, gravel embellishments, surrounds, photographs, statuettes, trinkets, toys or free-standing flower containers on any grave, nor shall any shrubs or trees be planted in, or around any grave. No artificial flowers nor (for a period of more than 6 months) wooden crosses shall be permitted on any grave.

3.5: Annual flowers may be planted within a plot not greater than 3’ long by 2’ wide, providing this is maintained on a regular basis, and the natural level of the ground is not altered. Plots which are not adequately cared for may be mown over at the discretion of the Churchwarden or his/her representative.


4. Interment

4.1: Unless interred in a family grave cremated remains may only be in the place designated by the Incumbent...Memorial plaques shall be 1’ by 1’6” flush with the earth and of Portland or Nabrasina stone and may have a recess for a flower vase.

4.2: Flowers may only be placed in the recess in the memorial plaque. No other vases, artificial flowers, statuettes, trinkets or toys shall be permitted.


5. Breach

5.1 In the event of any breach of these Regulations, the Incumbent or his/her authorised representative shall send notice in writing requiring remedy of the breach to the signatory hereto at his/her stated address (or any other address that may have been notified to the Incumbent), with a copy to the relevant funeral director.

5.2 If such breach is not adequately remedied within a period of 30 days (or such longer period as may be agreed with the Incumbent) from the date of such notice, the Incumbent or his/her authorised representative shall be entitled  to remedy such breach and shall have no liability for any resulting loss or damage.