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Hayling Anglican Churches

St Andrew's, St Mary's, St Peter's


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The Hailer

(St Mary's Newsletter)

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Girls' Brigade bell-ringing

Members of the Girls' Brigade based at St Andrew's

are fast becoming expert bell-ringers.

Here they are, practising - or should I say, learning the ropes?

If you come to a wedding there later this year,

you may well hear them ringing the bells.















Pentecost Walk

On Pentecost Sunday, our Bishop Christopher Foster,

Jenny Gaffin, Tim Wood, congregation members

and members of the Girls Brigade that meets at St Andrew's

had a picnic at St Peter's and then walked

to St Mary's and on to St Mary's.

Here are some photos.



Girls Brigade bell-ringing Pentecost walk 1 Pentecost walk 2 Pentecost walk 3 Pentecost walk 4 Pentecost walk 5 Pentecost walk 6 Pentecost walk 7