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Hayling Anglican Churches

St Andrew's, St Mary's, St Peter's



Pastoral Enquiries etc


Friendship Group


The Three Churches Friendship Group

is a lively team of friends

from across Hayling

supporting people who are older

or newly bereaved.

They are led by our vicar

Jenny (tel. 023 9307 0178)

and Sue Titcomb (tel. 07739 158945).

If you or a friend or relative

are looking to make a fresh start,

seeking new friends

or wanting to get involved in local groups,

then please contact us.

We pop round for a chat,

bring you the latest news

of events and socials that are coming up,

and help you come up

with the best way forward for you.  


For more information, please contact

a member of our Ministerial

(see the Who's Who page)

and they will arrange

for a visitor either to visit you in your home

or, if you prefer, to share

a cup of tea in a teashop

or just a walk along the beach.


Pastoral Visiting


For pastoral enquiries please


- for St Mary's, contact one of the ministry team,


or phone 023 9307 0178;


- for St Peter's, contact Adrienne Pearson

(tel. 023 9246 9091);


- for St Andrew's, email Michael Cayley

by clicking here.


Prayer Requests


We have a team of people willing to include

your prayer requests in their prayers.

If you have any requests for prayer,

please email them to


All requests will be treated in confidence.

We would find it very helpful

if you could keep us up-to-date

on the situation being prayed for.


Requests to go on

the Sick List


If you wish to go on the sick list in our weekly sheets, so that people can pray for you, please


- for St Andrew's, email Michael Cayley


- for St Mary's, email

or phone 023 9307 0178


- for St Peter's, contact Mary Peall 

(tel. 023 9246 9481)


Please keep them updated on your health.


Baptisms and Weddings

Please go to the Contacts page

for information